Omnichannel consultancy

With the right knowledge.

Retailstars has an unique position in retail as an IT company, because of the knowledge we own in this branche and also through proper techniques and right decisions. The consultants of Retailstars have the right experiences and understands what is required to distribute your products effordlessly into the stores. Which will lead to satisfied customers. Retailstars will give you personal advice, through short meetings, right choices, efficient solutions and fair ratings.

Interim and project management

The implementation and designing of IT solutions in retail, is an expertise for consultants who know the industry inside out. These consultants work at Retailstars and they are all specialists who perform a wide variety of projects and can temporarily support in major changing processes within your organization. A nice list of satisfied customers has got to know the passion, skill and professionalism of Retailstars. Our services go far and ends when a purchase has been made by a satisfied shopper.

The power of Retailstars

  • Consistent customer support

  • Lower operating costs

  • Greater customer loyalty

  • Personal advice

Our omnichannel success stories

We are determined to help retailers become more successful in an omni-channel world! Check out our references, case studies and success stories.


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